VIDEO – Max Rowe, Andre Paskowski and Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo in Brazil

Josh Willmot

Josh Willmot – The Editor

Boards – An incredible edit once again, you seem to be pushing the level of short edits in windsurfing, where does your inspiration come from?
Josh – Thank you, for sure there are other people doing the same thing and its great to see banging edits coming out on almost a weekly basis. For me I guess a lot of inspiration comes from other action sports. I wouldn’t say there is any one movie of particular influence but; A Shot In The Dark, Modern Collective, Art of Flight, Life Cycles, 3MG and Minds Wide Open are some of my favourite films.

Boards – Are there plans for a longer movie, if so can you give us any more details? If not, what’s stopping you and what would it take to make it happen?
Josh – I would love to do a longer movie and really hope to get, or make, the opportunity too. If I did I would want to make something a little different and put everything into it. It’s something that’s on the cards and we have been thinking about for sometime now. It’s a big step to make.

Boards – You weren’t behind the lens this time, just the chief on the editing floor, did you like it this way round or do you enjoy capturing the action also?
Josh – I love the process of editing, taking clips and turning them into a finished product. Being behind the lens is great, especially when the light is firing and your capturing sweet shots. Doing both gives your more opportunity to realise your vision.

Boards – How does it feel producing a clip with some of the biggest icons of the sport in, in particular producing a clip of someone who certainly knows his stuff when it comes to editing?
Josh – It was a big opportunity to get to edit this video and Max really hooked me up. Yeah its particularly daunting to be editing clips of the most influential windsurfing film maker! I hope he likes it…

Boards – This isn’t the first clip you have produced with Max in, how do you think his level has progressed, could we see a UK guy back in the PWA top 8?
Josh – Max’s level has shot up for the last video we did together and I have no doubt that he is capable of making it into the top 8.

Boards – Thanks for the interview, any final words?
Josh – Cheers, hope you like the video. [Editors note: We frigging love it]