YOU at the RBSC

“I came down to sail mostly and hopefully catch some of the action. We missed the Gwithian part as we didn’t arrive until 11 (up at 4.30). Pics looked insane!

We headed straight for the Bluff and sailed upwind of the RBSC. It was incredibly hard work, not that big, but ridiculously gusty on a 4.0, gustiest I’ve ever sailed. Lots of close outs, huge lulls, massive squalls with hail.. luckily the KS3 is super good at gusty! Pretty much just Jony Price, Ian Black, Andrew Fawcett and Dave Ewer out freesailing.

Much bigger down at RSBC area, massive respect to those guys, didn’t manage to catch any of it live, but saw from the footage they were hitting some huge sections and planing out at full speed for the next hit. Think the whole thing has been great for UK windsurfing, finally showing in the media what windsurfing is about for those of us that live for the sport.” – Steve Thorp

Steve Thorp. Image credit Paul Monnington,