5 Ways To Take Your Windsurfing To The Next Level

1. Coaching Motivates You

Simon Bornhoft, on the water coaching

Windsurfing can be a hard and infuriating sport at times, so having someone to encourage you when you don’t have the belief, knowledge or confidence to move onto the next level is incredibly valuable. Equally everyone learns differently and it’s important to detect how each individual ticks, what they should focus on and most importantly motivate people to push themselves. This could mean attempting skills that initially might feel basic, un-important or impossible, but trusting someone who’s helped others through the same process before builds your chances of success. Always remember the difficulties you’re facing are not unique, new or impossible to over come. There’s a lot of psychology that goes into getting the best out of yourself and a good coach should simplify and inspire you to become a more accomplished windsurfer.