5 Ways To Take Your Windsurfing To The Next Level

4. Encourages Something New

Time to try something new…

One mistake we all make is to get stuck in a rut. For instance, just focusing on carve gybing is a classic example of a one-track objective that kills progress. I always try to encourage people to learn as many additional and complimentary skills that take you towards a single goal. People who also try duck gybes whilst learning to carve gybe, always learn to carve gybe quicker and learn to duck gybe in the process. Learning front to sail, instantly helps short board tacks, trying upwind 360’s massively helps helicopter tacks. Don’t let preconceived barriers get in your way. Start waterstarting before you’ve cracked harnessing or ride a wave before you can gybe. Coaching should expand your level, play to your strengths, show you what’s within your reach and make it relevant for you – simplifying everything along the way!

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