How To Master The Master Blaster – Part Three

RS:X champion Izzy Hamilton knows a thing or two about racing, here she shares a few things she learnt from her first slalom event in Weymouth.

‘Slalom’ racing isn’t just about the pro fleet, it’s great to see rising numbers in the amateur and master blaster fleets. Here Boards will bring you the ultimate guide to mastering the master blaster, starting off with some words of wisdom from BSA Weymouth top woman Izzy Hamilton:

Slalom action!

1. Bring as much kit as you can, I’m not talking about dedicated slalom equipment, just whatever you can get your hands on. It might not be a slalom sail but a 3.5m might get you around gybes when it is +35knots!

2. Warm wetsuits, drink and quick snacks! There is lots of waiting in-between heats so staying warm is key!

3. Starting – timing is everything. Put your clock on count down and listen to the beeper so you do not have to look down while sailing along. I use the Optimum Time Series 3 as it is really easy to use.

4. Practice runs. Most of the time the course is free to use before the starts! Time how long it takes you to get to the line from a fixed point then you can hit it with speed on the go for the first race!

5. Gybe safe… especially if it is windy! You will finish better by taking the easy gybe path around the collisions and not falling in.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Gaastra, Tabou and the OTC for lending me kit for the recent Weymouth BSA.

Izzy Hamilton

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