WindWise with Simon Bornhoft: Make Your Move!

Simon makes his move...

In this new series Simon Bornhoft gives us the best possible method to achieve the ‘stock moves’. A self-coaching, run-by-run methodology and specific skills training for land and water will get you well on your way to making your moves! Photos: WindWise / Karen Bornhoft

It’s always tricky to transfer the performance enhancing effect of coaching onto a written page. But my mission has always been to illustrate the actual skills which ensure that the key principles and minor details of windsurfing become embedded in your sailing psyche. It’s impossible to sail with more than one or two ideas in your head, so we’ve kept this very much action based and broken each run down into component parts to allow you to take it one stage at a time. As ever these skills are just as applicable to beginner-improvers as they are to intermediate-advanced windsurfers. So, no messing about – get active, accentuate and enjoy.

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