Windsurfing Boards

Diamond GT 2002

AHD has
developed for 2002 a brand new concept of racing boards.

In fact, coming directly from the race boards of Antoine Albeau, Matt Pritchard
and Cyril Moussilmani, the Diamond GT range redefines completely the notion
of competition boards. We sense, for a very large public, a return to slalom
and course racing.

The new range Diamond GT is composed of 3 models. Diamond GT 62 : slalom light
wind ; Diamond GT 75 and 85 : racing boards.

Diamond GT 75 – Diamond GT 85

The Diamond Formula 95 wins. We believed essential that a larger public should
also have the right to benefit from the same performances but on a board more
polyvalent. Its concept :

The soft rails on the first third of the board and the sharp lines unite
performance and tolerance.

The concaves are developed for a better control, a top comfort and a better

With the new Diamond GT, you have a real competition board with an accessibility




Diamond GT 75

Diamond GT 85


262 cm

262 cm


74.5 cm

84.2 cm

Tail Width

52 cm

62.4 cm


124 l.

144 l.


7.3 kg

7.8 kg


Monocoque Carbon Sandwich Technology


Jean Bouldoires

Recommended sail

7,0 – 9,3 m2

8,0 – 10,5 m2

Recommended fin

54 – 58 cm

58 – 65 cm


August 2001

September 2001

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