The 9th annual Soul Wave contest ended today, after having the best
conditions in the history of the event!

Friday we had a second elimination in fantastic sideoff shore conditions.
In this elimination I made it to the semi finals, but I was basically 3
seconds from victory, as that was the time after the heat ended that I got
the one counting jump in!  Had I been able to find the ramp for my back loop
just a few seconds earlier, I would have made it to the finals and gotten
the overall victory!  Hurts, but C’est la vie!  The fifth place in the
second series was however still enough to hold on to second place overall.

Here are the results from Soulwave:

1. Andy Wolf
2. Lars Petersen
2. Lars Gobich
4. Mads Bjoenaa
5. Klaas Voget

Next week there is a another chance for international top level competition
as the World Cup in Sylt Germany gets on the way.

All the best from Klitmoeller

Lars Petersen

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