The Wedge

Mid-November will see the launch of the new Freestyle sail from Tushingham. The WEDGE replaces the Session and caters for the needs of all freestyle sailors seeking a lightweight sail that offers ultimate manoeuvrability. Compared to the Session improvements in tunability through both downhaul and outhaul have allowed Ken Black to simplify the range to just two sails – 5.8 and 6.6m2

Careful material choice and panel layouts ensure physical and dynamic weight are kept to a minimum. The WEDGE is easily driven and boasts a wide tuning range, enabling it to be set with low downhaul tension and a tighter leech for early planing. More downhaul brings it into the top-end wind range expected of Tushingham sails. On both sails the foot is cut high with the foot batten positioned near the clew keeping a clear area for tricks & transitions.


· High lift profile in lower section creating explosive acceleration
· Forward centre of effort for ease of handling
· Extreme tunability
· Increase downhaul for greater control & move into the next windband without changing sails
· Lightweight yet strong construction
· Visually striking appearance guaranteed to catch the eye of competition judges!



Wedge 5.8
Luff: 442
Boom: 188
5 battens, 2 with stabilising tubes
Mast: 430 / IMCS 21
Price: £289.00

Wedge 6.6
Luff: 468
Boom: 198
5 battens, 2 with stabilising tubes
Mast: 460 / IMCS 25
Price: £299.00



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