It’s always good to be able to post some good news, and we’ve just heard from the owners of the stolen van and kit that not only has the van been found, but all the kit was still in it!

OK, the thieves took their radio, credit cards, coat, cash and a decent watch, but it’s still a result. 


Please can I inform you of the theft of a Mercedes Sprinter 313 van stolen at 4.10pm on Saturday 23rd of October from the beach car park at Coney Island Porthcawl, South Wales. It stands out because it has a K-BAY sticker above the windscreen and on front/side wings and has a tall CB ariel and little orange lights on the roof. It is an X Registered van but is unique because it has a newer model front end due to recent smash. Apart from it being my only means of transport for my small business it also had all my windurfing kit in it, most of which I have listed below. if there is anyway you could print a notice in the next issue I would be more than grateful.

Custom made K-BAY Ex Jamie Hawkins in blue
AHD Max Ride 62 in blue
Mistral Flo 276 in green

Tushingham 7m T-bird (thunderbird?)
” 6.5m, 6m, 5.25m Storms
” 4m Rock
Neil Pryde 5.4m VR Wave
Simmer 5.5m competition wave
Ezzy 5.m Wave

490 (90% carbon) and 400 (30% carbon) Fibre Spar
460 Tushingham Freewave (75% carbon)
430 Neil Pryde (40% carbon) wave mast

Chinook slalom 185-225
Naish wave 135-185
plus 6 mast extensions, 4 board bags, Dakane waist harness, Tushingham nappy harness, 10 assorted fins, foot plates, pully hooks etc and a couple of rash vests/ thermal with a hood.

There is a reward for the return of the van and any of its contents. Please contact Clive on 01285 658338.

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