From the Emerald Isle of Ireland to the Garden Isle of Maui, Greenie follows the Mullen brothers on a whistle stop tour of some of the worlds greatest sailing spots. Share their experience of secret reef breaks firing on all cylinders and wonder at the contorted wave sailing style of Moroccan wonderkid Boujamaa Guilloul and the unique style of Josh Angulo, as he lays it down with his trademark World Cup winning moves from his homebreak in Maui. Kauli Seadi and the Frans brothers go into a freestyle frenzy, landing all the moves including double flaka’s, air chacho’s and the Gozzada. Francisco Goya makes the Air Taka a reality as we capture his first ever successful landing on film. The UK’s best sailors join the spectacle and start ripping up the waves in Maui, while Levi Siver gives the world a lesson on how to be a wavesailing superstar. This movie is all about action and the revolutionary change that is taking place in one of the most natural and dynamic sports on earth!

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