March 2005 marks the beginning of a fresh and exciting partnership
between TACV Cabo Verde Airlines and World Champion windsurfer Josh

Josh´s Hawaiin roots have been well received in the Cabo Verde
islands and Cabo Verde´s natural beauties have given Josh a new outlook on
life – as well as the local windsurfing conditions serving as the
catalyst for Josh´s 2003 windsurfing World title.

TACV marketing chief, Celestino Carvalho, comments ” Josh is seen as one of our adopted sons and it is a natural fit that the World´s best waverider is also the
ambassador for the country the boasts the world´s best wavesailing . TACV
is the airline that opens the doors to the Cabo Verde dream and we are
happy to share it with you as we have with Josh.”

Josh adds: “This is one of the biggest opportunities of my life and I am extremely proud to have TACV as my carrier. The Capverdian people are awesome to be with wether on land, sea or air. Together we will work towards providing a better travel and vacation experience for all travelers coming to Cabo Verde. ”

On top of the support TACV has extended to Josh , TACV has also stated its intent to be one of the major contributors to a Windsurfing World Cup in Cabo Verde and Josh
and TACV are currently working on a 3 year projectionin which to complete this goal.

Looks like we can all look forward to a Cabo Verde event within 3 years…

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