The JP and Neil Pryde Secret 7 competition starts NOW! Pick up your card from the August issue of BOARDS Mag and make sure you hold on to it – it’s your gateway to a van full of spanking new kit from JP and Neil Pryde’s 2006 ranges.

Prizes include JP boards, Neil Pryde sails, masts and booms, Neil Pryde wetsuits and the NavMan M300 GPS system! On top of winning with your Secret 7 numbers, your local participating retailer will have lots of Neil Pryde luggage up for grabs. Visit your nearest store to find out how you can win.

First, find your starting number for the August hand in BOARDS Mag, then register your details on either or and deal the deck to reveal your remaining 6 numbers – remember that you have two chances to win each month, so make sure you deal your cards twice. Once you’ve got your lucky Secret 7 numbers visit your participating JP retailer and check out the in-store posters to see if you can match the winning hand. In all, you will have 7 chances to win. Good luck!

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