In this, the second programme in the defining “how-to-be-a-hero-in-the-waves” series, the subject switches to jumping – how to get and control big air, how to go for that first tweak and tabletop and even how to go for all manner of loops – backs, ‘pushies’ and forwards.

Before that, there’s a detailed section on backside waveriding and how to go ‘down-the-line’, even when the wind is onshore. There is more equipment advice as well as a section on specific fitness and tips on how to approach the big moves.

Peter Hart, arguably the world’s most illustrious windsurfing coach, is once again joined by a glut of big names including Nik Baker, Kevin Pritchard, Daida Ruana Moreno, Micah Buzianis and a host more.

Filmed all over the world (including plenty of not-so-glamorous, but oh-so-real South Coast action) on broadcast format and full of the Harty’s unique and amazing insight and razor sharp wit. Available at just £20 from the BOARDS Online Shop, ‘Serious About Waves 2’ takes instructional programmes to a new level.