Unofficial Tiree Beach Report Day 2

It didn’t start too promisingly for most up there today as there wasn’t any wind and those foolish enough to venture out before their hangovers had cleared found the waves had vanished too. What’s worse, the epic forecasts which had built up before the competition started had changed subtly but worryingly. However, after a leisurely morning everyone trooped over to Balapheuil and the Juniors, Youths, Amatuers, Masters and Ladies all got a full round of competition in. The waves were smaller than yesterday (head high, double overhead for the juniors), and the wind was more onshore (still port tack muck unfortuantely), but it built throughout the afternoon and was a lot better than anyone was expecting. The crazy judges were asking for 2 rides and 2 jumps in 8 minutes which was pretty ambitious given my fragile state following last night, but some managed it pretty well

No Pro Fleet action, although they did try to start a round just as the wind dropped.


I don’t know the results so you’ll have to go to the official Tiree Event Scotland website for those. Forecast for the rest of the week is now looking a bit more promising, with at least more of the same for the next couple of days, and then the wind changing and giving those who prefer starboard tack a chance for revenge…

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