Longboards are back: Starboard’s new Serenity board

What would a windsurf board look like if its design brief was to be a
pure non-planing board that glides effortlessly, quietly and seamlessly
through the water in the lightest of winds? Starboard’s new Serenity was
designed around that specific brief and it sure looks radically
different to a conventional planing board; in fact, it certainly looks
closer to a racing kayak with a mast track than it does to a windsurf

Svein Rasmussen and Jim Drake, the unconventional visionaries behind the
project, believe that windsurfing can be more than a sport reserved for
the athletic elite. If windurfing could also be a fun, refreshing and
sporty activity in sub-planing lightwind conditions, its appeal can only
extend beyond current boundaries. Considering that these two designers
were the ones behind the pioneering GO and Formula boards, their new
Serenity board could well be the longboard to take us back to the days
of non-planing windsurfing.

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