15-year-old Justin Denel’s FWC 2011

Watch the 2011 Fuerte Wave Classic‘s youngest competitor, 15-year-old Justin Denel, in action on Fuerteventura:

“Participate in the Fuerte Wave Classic 2011, at age 15, has been for me AMAZING! I was the youngest rider! I’ve been to Fuerte many times and it is a place that I love … nature, waves, climate … Unfortunately no competition this year but I’m super broke into plank, or SUP surf all day and I did a lot of amazing games … I have enjoyed images of the video team that was present on site: Rox Production. Here is my setup sauce “Lion Production” … A big thank you to UTOPEAK SOÖRUZ and who support me in Orlando, the organiser of the FWC and 7thwavecenter and surftechcenter!”​LionProduction

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