NORTH SAILS welcomes new team members.

Most Striking Team Force ever

We proudly present our Team Force to beat all others. With a total of four gold medals the NORTH SAILS team harvests most overall world titles as it was just elected as “most victorious sail brand 2005” in the PWA World Tour. To ensure respecting this success we further reinforce our international team for 2006 with the following new members:

John Skye (K-57)
news image

Karin Jaggi (Z-14)

news image

Cyril Moussilmani (F-71)

news image

Peter Volwater (H-24)
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as well as Jonas Ceballos (E-40)

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All of them are highly talented and passionate windsurfers and extend the team force perfectly.

In addition the national teams are joined by Steffi Wahl (G-303), Alberto Menegatti (ITA-456), Filippo Buratti (ITA-717) and Chris Sammer (AUT-291) for their countries.

Please check out our Teamrider section to find out more about our “new guns”

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