Weymouth 20th Annual Harbour Dash

15 entrants enjoyed sunshine and F4/5 Westerly winds to sail the open sea
course from Overcombe Corner, upwind into Portland Harbour and out again for
a 3 mile blistering close reach to the finish on the beach.

Almost all competitors set personal best times and the winner NICK DEVERELL
(GBR374) took just over 2 minutes longer at 20m 50s than the record set by
ADE BUGLER over 10 years ago!

The top four finishers:   Nick Deverell (GBR374)  20m 50s,  Kevin Greenslade
(GBR82) 23m 43s, Callum Edge 25m 53s,  Norman Petty (official bus pass
holder) 26m 52s

Steven Howlett deserves a mention: Steve sailed the course on a Starboard Go
to finish in just over 30minutes!

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