2012 Fanatic FreeWave

Check out Fanatic’s 2012 FreeWave crossover board in action: The optimum blend of speed and carving, slashing and sliding make these our most versatile shapes. Tucked rails, rounded noses, and an ingenious CAD-created rocker line unlock the secrets of early-planing, control and top end. Starting in 75 litre (US box) and also available in 85, 95, 105 and 115 sizes.

Fanatic’s CAD Master Shaper Sebastian Wenzel: “These are amazingly fast and loose shapes. We’ve won countless tests with my CAD-engineered scoop rocker line and full V combination. The versatility is won with nose kick for riding and carving, through a flat spot between the straps and into an optimised tail curve for the best mix of control in almost any use. With smooth noses, smart volume placement and high-apex tucked rails up front, they cut through the water like knives.”

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