On July 28th, Brazil’s surf Mecca Jericoacoara hosts an ecological rave-party – Organic Jeri. The party, which will be attended by up to 3,000 people (mostly Brazilians, but also many foreign boardheads knowing that early season mean strong winds) will go on for 24 hours straight,  right on the beach (well, the organiser say half the area will be inside a coconut farm, the rest on the beach).

The crew behind Brazil’s biggest rave parties, Exxperience, is flown in all the way from Sao Paulo to fill the air with beats. Co-hosting is the legendary Club Ventos, the windsurfing club in Jericoacoara. All material being used during the party is recycled afterwards, making the event an example of that party and stupidity necessarily doesn’t have to be combined.

Since 1984 Jericoacoara has been a protected environmental area under Brazilian federal law. In 2002 the town became a National Park, but these days is known more famously the world over for its superb windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions (high season July-January).

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