Jason Polakow welcomes Kauli Seadi to the JP team

When Kauli finally signed with JP-Australia Jason was in New Zealand with Robby Swift to catch some of the biggest waves ever. Now he is back on Maui and was able to officially welcome Kauli to the JP team.

Jason had the following to say:
“I really look forward to work with Kauli and do some trips to some big wave locations with him. His positive attitude fits perfectly with the rest of our team and his sailing style will be an inspiration for all of us. It is great fun to share waves with him and I simply enjoy watching him as he really rips.”

Kauli added:
“I have known Jason, Robby Swift, Baptiste Gossein, Phil Horrocks and the rest of the team for a while already – now I am part of that great bunch of guys and I really enjoy it. Ricardo Campello is a very good friend of mine – he actually got me started on Freestyle. I am sure we will push each other in the waves and in freestyle sailing. It is great to be on the same team with a long time friend. Werner Gnigler is doing a great job on my twinser line – they will be finalised very soon and I can’t wait to get them on the market. I am leaving for Cabo Verde today to get ready for the competition which starts 7.March. I look forward to use my new JP Twinsers there.”


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