3 Ways To Wear Rubber

Want to get some neoprene on? Here’s three ways you can do it…

ION Quantum 4/3 Convertible

1. ION Quantum 4/3 Convertible – £259.00

Fully glued blind stitch

Velcro fix ankle and neck

Gatekeeper easy entry

2. ION Ballistic Socks 3/2 – £54.95

This all new product provides the ultimate combination of warmth and barefoot feeling in your foot.

Super resistant protection sole against sharp mussels, coral reef and other sharp objects

New double layer cuff construction on the collar improves the water sealing significantly

ION Ballistic Socks 3/2

Glued Blind Stitch, water sealing for all seams

All GBL seams are sealed outside with extra Tatex Glue for 100% water proofness

Unique rubber patch construction on the new Neo Socks which provides both abrasion resistance and protection as well as grip and pure barfoot feeling.

Improved rubber sole structure with outstanding stability and barefoot feeling

Internal Split Toe. This construction eliminatesspongy feeling in the toe area


ION Stripe Beanie Grey

Watersealing detachable Velcro Loop around the shaft

3. ION Stripe Beanie Grey – £16.95

Loser Leach elastic string loop inside of the beanie: Don‘t lose your Ion Beanie on the water! Use a simple Lark‘s Head knot to tie the loser leach to the zipper pull webbing of your wetsuit

Totally wind proof for more warmth

All items are available here.




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