3 Weeks in Mauritius

Flat water blasting in the lagoon or small, medium and large waves to suit…… it must be Mauritius! Simon Bornhoft and his WINDWISE clients have just returned from three weeks of WINDWISE Freewave sessions in Mauritius.

Simon Bornhoft in Mauritius

With such a great range of conditions in one place these unique windsurfing experiences are the perfect way to learn loads of new skills and get the most out of the world’s best windsurfing locations! With blasting, gybing, WindSUP wave skills training enjoying small reef and Manawa you couldn’t ask for more!

It would appear that Mauritius also appeals to Mark Cavendish (on honeymoon), David Hasslehoff (shooting a commercial) and Jason Polakow who’s just arrived for a Russian Kit Jam session!

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