It’s happening – Club Margarita is now open all year round for both windsurfing
and kite surfing.

Club Margarita is the ultimate place to go this year for a perfect mix of kiting
and windsurfing. Both can be achieved every day of your stay. Ideal light winds
in the mornings followed by windy afternoons before the sunset kiting dream
– just sit back and watch the evening extravaganza as the kitesurfers perform
meters from the beach battling for time against the sinking sun!

Isla de Margarita lies just off Venezuela’s Caribbean coast and, already established
as a world class windsurfing Mecca, is fast earning similar renown in kiting
circles. Kite Beach is ideally situated, just 1km upwind of the windsurfing
action on El Yaque beach and only accessible by regular shuttle-boats from the
main beach. This means there is plenty of room for everyone and the warm water
and sandy beach make it ideal for beginners and improvers. The wind conditions
are ideal for all levels – a steady 4-6, building throughout the day, means
plenty of air-time for the more advanced. And Now a World Cup Venue, June 2002
sees the first Kitesurf World Cup in El Yaque, Margarita!

Club Margarita’s dedicated kite-school is now open on Kite Beach, in conjunction
with the existing centre on El Yaque Beach. You will be able to combine kiting
with as much windsurfing as you like, all as expertly run as we’ve come to expect
from the Club Vassiliki/Club Margarita team. This means quality, expert tuition,
the latest and best kit and a great, relaxed atmosphere. Club Margarita is a
full-on Cabrinha centre with Black Tip, Co2 and C111 trainer kites coupled with
Directional Auto Pilot, Surface to Air and Twin Tip Pranksters. Our dedicated
team for the summer now includes Paul Menta; the man behind international kite
training – you can go no higher!
For more information call the booking office on 01920 484121.
For more general information on Club Margarita, ask for the new brochure or
check out

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