5 Oceans Sails in Denmark

The Cornish-based sail manufacturer report as the sails go worldwide…

As the Danish winter finally starts to retreat and the ice melts, waves once again start to break. 5-Oceans sailor Roger Henriksen was ready to take to the zero degree water and luckily a low pressure system generated some swell and wind for him and his crew to enjoy.

“After about a month of severe subzero temperatures over all of Europe, the winter is finally letting go of its grip up here. The ice has melted in the inner Danish coastal waters giving way for the waves to break over the reefs again. Eager to get some much needed action after six weeks in limbo the local motley crew is taking advantage of the situation and defying the freezing water.

During the night a severe low pressure in the North Sea produced nice rolling swell across the Kattegat. Here is a glimpse of the result: a first spring session at Havstokken.”

Check out some more shots of the sails in action and the full report on the 5-Oceans blog ( and head to the official website for more details on the sail ranges available (

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