The AWT Goya Windsurfing Festival Rocked – Here’s 5 Reasons Why

1. Sam Bittner – Sam is the driving force behind the AWT and a real breath of fresh air in windsurfing. What she has achieved with the AWT is truly remarkable. Now in it’s fourth year, the AWT is firmly established as one of the best national windsurfing tours in the world seamlessly mixing amateurs and pros while taking in world class down-the-line locations such as Punta San Carlos in Mexico and Pacasmayo in Peru. The events are about so much more than just the windsurfing. A great example of this was the event registration venue; an ancient windsurfing museum in the forest with locally sourced elk burgers on the BBQ.

Paddy, Sam, Dan and Francisco.

As I write this on the plane back to the UK, I have good to cause to think about what it is that really makes a great windsurfing event. Of course perfect conditions every time is nice but so much also comes down to the people, the location, and the organisation. I can’t believe how much fun was fitted into five days at a windsurfing event without wind. I got my fingers crossed that it blows it’s tits off at the next stop for the AWT in Pistol River but wind or no wind, I have a feeling that we’ll be back for Santa Cruz next year.

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