UK Sailor News


Nik Baker is temporarily out of action following a gnarly incident during a trip
to Tasmania with the Mistral team.
The conditions were perfect, but unfortunately Nik was a bit unlucky and broke
his foot.
Nik said: "It’s my right foot and I did it coming down from an aerial. The
board seemed to bounce back up as I was going down and this snapped my front foot
straight backwards. I heard a big crunch and new straight away I had done something
bad. Thankfully Kai Hopf was there with a four wheel drive car, so he drove all
the way down the beach to pick me up. Mind you we did get stuck in the sand on
the way out. I have broken some of my metatarsal bones and broken a cuneiform
into three pieces." Nasty…
Now Nik is concentrating fully on some serious rehab to make it to the first PWA
wave event in Vargas. We wish him a speedy recovery…