8 Years On

It was today, eight years ago that the windsurfing world was rocked by the loss of one of it’s upcoming stars, Andy Funnell. A true inspiration to many, Andy’s spirit lives on both in the hearts of those that knew him and knew of him.

Our hearts go out to Andy’s family, Trevor, Linda and Kara today. Trevor shared these words on the Boards forum:

’15th June 2004 was the day we lost Andrew and for a change there is wind forecast.

This is a day that I really do like to sail at Seaford if I can but the direction looks too onshore so I will be putting flowers on his bench on the seafront in the morning then at lunchtime I’m heading for Pevensey Bay, Spray or maybe even the Wish Tower for the whole afternoon, company on the water would be very welcome.’

The wind gods are certainly shining on us today, we hope many of you can take to the water to keep the memory of Andy alive.

Andy Funnell