Following the interest generated by our recent test of second hand wave boards we are planning to do a further 2 tests of vintage kit and need your in locating sailable examples of the following boards. If you have any of these boards, know where they might be found or have anything similar that you think would fit well into either test, please drop us an email giving some details and we’ll be in touch. You should be aware that we may hold onto the boards for a few months while we collect enough boards together and wait for suitable testing conditions – and although we promise to take good care of them, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get them back in one piece! If this doesn’t put you off and you have any of the following, please get in touch…

270 or 100/105 litre slalomy all rounder test – revisiting such classics as the Screamer 1 and Sunset Slalom and the other important boards around this size or possibly performing a similar function through the ages. To include…

Mistral Screamer 1
Mistral Screamer II
F2 Sunset Slalom
Bic Electric Rock
Tiga Slalom 260
F2 Sputnik 270
F2 Sputnik 270 II
Tiga 268
Fanatic Gecko 278
F2 Axxis 272
AHD Freeride 275
Mistral Flow 276
Klepper 272
Bic Vivace 270
Starboard Carve 99
Fanatic Skate 100

295 or 120/130 litre test – looking at the various approaches to the first time short board. To include…

Vit Sea 292
Bic Astro Rock
F2 Bullit (the original with the triple concaves please…)
F2 Xantos I
F2 Xantos II
Mistral Shredder
Alpha 130/295
Bic Veloce 288
Bic Veloce 298
Fanatic Bee 284
Fanatic Bee 289
Vinta 295
Mistral Echo
Mistral Explosion
Fanatic Rabbit

Please email if you can help with any of these boards.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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