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Having won the recent Irish Triple Crown event, Ben Proffitt has been off trying his luck on the World Tour, and recording some very decent performances in Fuerteventura. But right now he’s not looking that great. Indeed, looks like he’s come out on the wrong side of an argument with an attempted triple loop, or maybe gone a few rounds with Lennox Lewis, but as Ben ‘wonky konk’ Proffitt sheepishly explained to us:

“It wasn’t exactly rad – in fact worse than a failed waterstart! OK, I fell off, and the board’s coming towards me on a little wave. Me being a tool, I decide it would be a good idea to swim underneath and pop up on the other side… The only thing was, I didn’t and it clocked me right in the konk! Bugger! I’ve never seen so much blood!”

Never mind, Ben – we reckon it’s an overall improvement to those natural good looks…