Q and A with Albeau

After smashing 50knots earlier this week in Ludertiz Boards caught up with Antoine Albeau for a with Q and A about the event so far and how much faster he thinks he can go…

Boards: Did you know that would be the run that went over 50knots? 

AA: It was difficult to know if the canal would be good and ready for that, but after the first try we did I knew that we will do the 50s.

Boards: What equipment were you using? 

AA: I was on m new NP Evo5 5.8 and a RRD custom board

Boards: Do you think you can go faster? 
AA: I think that we can definitely go faster. We didn’t have that much wind; we had arround 40knots max and we did over 50kts, so if the wind goes to 45/50knots we will do the 52kts…but it will be dangerous if we crash!!
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Antoine Albeau. Image credit Eric Bellande.

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