Amex Masts 2011

Murray Saunders brings us news of Amex’s 2011 spars…
Amex Diecut

Amex Masts have been redesigned and remodelled to bring to the market a rig component with an epic 2-year component! Andy King and Murray Saunders have been trying them out and this is what they have to say…

Amex SuperModel

Murray Saunders: “I have been using the new Amex supermodel masts in my Goya Eclipse sails for a couple of months now. I was impressed with how they flexed off at the top but still kept the sail feeling powerful in the hands. The new range seems to be really well made and I have complete faith.”

Amex Katana

Andy King: “Working for Amex has always been a pleasure. Now the new products have raised the bar another notch. I have been trying out the Katana and have been super impressed with its performance. There are other products on the market around a similar price but nothing matches the performance and quality of the new Katana, brilliant!”


Amex masts can be seen at any of Zerogravity distributions dealers, more can be found out here.

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