BWA Tiree: A Classion Session on the Island

The 27th Tiree Wave Classic is just around the corner and some of the sailors are already on the island, tuning themselves into the conditions. Boards catches up with Sam Neal and Russ Jenkins as they the already pumping Tiree conditions:

“Sam Neal is currently in Tiree tuning his new quiver of Simmer Blacktips and Simmer waveboards with fellow Puravida team rider Russ Jenkins before the upcoming 27th BWA Tiree Wave Classic.

Ballephuil was pumping today with cross-off winds and over head high waves providing perfect conditions to warm up for the event, and prove Russ’ near windsurf ending injury this year is up to the challenge! Fingers are crossed around the island for Big Wednesday tomorrow, promising nuking winds and a pushing ground swell, which looks set for a classic Tiree session.”