Aruba In The Spotlight

News from Aruba has been lighting up our inbox over the past few days, videos from top professional international riders, the Aruba Extreme Games and more, so what is there to love about this place.

Well we won’t babble on too much as the pictures and video show exactly what there is to like but for those wishing a week or two in the sun then jump on a flight from Heathrow and head towards the ABC islands. A tropical paradise with flat crystal clear waters, perfect for freeriding, freestyling and tweaking those carve gybes whilst wrapped from knee to waist in just boardshorts. Remember that feeling?

To give you more of a feel here is a short gallery from the recent Aruba Extreme Games that took place plus images that include our French friends from across the pond – Nicolas Akgazciyan and Adrien Bosson. Below that you will find a video from Nico showing the island and some of the lifestyle along the way.

Nico in action

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