Become A Watersports Instructor for FREE

An innovative scheme to create opportunities for young adults to train as watersports instructors for free is being piloted at youth charity UKSA.
In a completely unique programme, UKSA is moving towards providing free provision on a full-time nine-week Watersports Instructor Training Diploma for selected 19-24 year olds.

A successful pilot will need to be run before the course can be fully developed and nationally accredited, so to launch the project, the Cowes-based training provider is seeking 12 candidates to test out the course.

Gary Kurth, UKSA’s Further Education Co-ordinator, explained: “This is the chance for young adults to completely change their lives, follow their dreams and potentially enter an amazing industry with a view to working in fantastic locations all around the world. Usually it would cost several hundreds of pounds to train like this. While this course isn’t fully developed yet, it is a stepping stone towards a new life and anyone serious about getting into the watersports industry won’t want to miss this opportunity.

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