Bewl Windsurfing on the move…

Bewl Windsurfing

Things just get better and better for Bewl Windsurfing, who have now amalgamated with the Bewl Water Outdoor Centre at the dam end of the lake!

Jill’s still running the windsurfing and so you will be able to join everyone who comes to this picturesque venue to take advantage of the fantastic facilities in their lovely new centre with opportunities for residential courses. The team of caring, experienced staff will encourage you to have a go at some of the other activities.

So wherever you live you will be most welcome, just contact Richard or Jill on 01892 891000 or at

Bewl Water Outdoor Centre have joined Bewl Windsurfing at Bewl Water in supporting National Windsurfing Week. They are offering ‘Have A Go’ sessions and HALF PRICE introductory sessions throughout the week. Plus special sessions for those who have windsurfed before. 
Prior booking is essential so please ring 01892  891000 or email