Bexhill to Camber Challenge for W4CR

Marcus Whitney got in touch to let us know about the Bexhill to Camber Challenge, 28th August – 30th August for Windsurfng 4 Cancer Research. (W4CR)…

Bexhill to Camber Challenge

NOW SPONSORED BY OVER BOARD!! They will be donating 100% waterproof backpacks as prizes on the day (All team members will also get kayak or sail stickers + Windsurfing 4 Cancer stickers and apparel)

The challenge is to cover the 20 miles by sea between Bexhill and Camber. Most will windsurf, kitesurfing or kayak but some will join us overland by walking.

It’s team of friends who are doing it for the challenge and for raising money. Its a not open to the public and its not an organised event. There is no rescue cover. If you want to join us please do so at your own risk or if you want to be a team member get in touch

20 miles by sea is a long way to go by amateurs. The true distance by sail could up to 35-40 miles depending on the tides and winds on the day. Dehydration, fatigue, sun stroke are major factors to consider,as well as knowing your own limits! Ultimately mother nature will have her own say. There will be a flexible 3 day window to ensure the best conditions.

Estimated time on kayak: 6-8hours

Estimated time on windsurfer 3-10hours. (If the wind is good it could be much quicker, or if the wind is bad a very long time!!)

Estimated time on paddleboard 5-8hours. (Downwind no problem faster than kayak riding the swells, v hard upwind!! and in choppy seas!!)

Estimated time walking 7-8 hours. (Have nice stop for fish and chips and you will get there….. eventually!!)

It’s a cause which needs no introductions, please give generously!

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