Brutal Beach Jump Off

Check out the video from the Brutal Beach ‘jump only’ contest…

Last Saturday, Brutal Beach (Six Fours, S. France) hosted a fun, rider judged jump contest. Wave riding and freestyle weren’t counted in the judging, ensuring a great way to gather lots of local riders and put on an impressive show for the crowds!

“Unfortunately, we’ve been missing a stronger wind but the waves were rolling in and 20 riders could offer a nice show to the public on the beach, featuring great wipe outs in an incredible frontloops festival. In 15 to 25 knots of onshore wind in the semi-finals, local beachboy Ben Légier takes the honours ahead of Damien Eymard from Marseille, with clean backloops and forwards.

Also the kids were in and the local Loïck Lesauvage showed a super good potential during the contest with his frontloops, and he finally won ahead of Alex Villate, in a cool final that has been launched “just for them”

Nothing to win, nothing to loose, free registration, riders judging each other, that was a very cool (open) contest and we’re gonna make it again, maybe with a team format : “Six Fours’ team” vs “Marseille’s team” vs “Cannes’ team”. This will even be more spicy!”

1/ Ben Légier (JP/Pryde/Gliss Factory)
2/ Damien Eymard (JP/Pryde/Gliss Factory)
3/ Steve Palier (Fanatic/North Sails/SFWO)
4/ Didier Leneil (Fanatic/North Sails/Nexpa Surfshop)

1/ Loïck Lesauvage – 12 yo (Goya Windsurfing/Chinook/Oxbow/SFWO)
2/ Alex Villate – 14 yo (Tabou/Gaastra)


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