Business as Usual for Brawzinho

Brawzinho tearing up the North Shore…

Former World Freestyle Champion Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne has released this video of him sailing on Maui. After a recent change to Goya boards and sails, it seems to be business as usual for Brawzinho as he tears apart wave after wave. Expect to see his usual radical mix of Goitas, Wave 360s and insane Air Takas along with his powerful riding style – awesome action. also recently relaunched his website – to keep up to date with everything Browne, head over to

Whilst on the website you may come across this clip. It’s from a little while back but shows why Brawzinho is one of the best waveriders in the world with a sick Double Air Taka ‘attempt’. Landed off the back still counts surely?