New Chinook Carbon Mast Extensions

Chinook Carbon Extensions

Chinook has just updated its legendary extension range. All carbon extensions are now being manufactured in the US to ensure the highest standards of quality control and finish. The medium skinny extension gains an additional 4cm to 32cm and the long version  gains 8cm to 46cm. This allows them to cover an even bigger sail range, typically taking you up to a 7 metre sail on a 430 mast.  The pin and collar adjustment system removes less fiber to maintain strength of tubing. All come with the proven Power-Haul pulley and cleat system and 2 cm adjustment increments. New graphics finish off the very attractive package. The skinny carbon range covers short (12cm), medium (32cm) and tall (46cm) and the standard diameter range is medium and tall, all being available with either Euro-pin or US cup base fittings. From £89.95 to £119.95 from proper shops. Contact for more details.