Chris Muzza Murray Q and A

Tushingham continue their Q and A series, with wave sailor Chris Muzza Murray taking centre stage:

Chris Muzza Murray ar NWF

Chris ‘Muzza’ Murray is one of the best ambassadors for the sport we have ever met with his endless enthusiasm and never ending search for action both on and off the water. We thought we would catch up with him at this years NWF and find out what makes him tick.

  1. Name:  Chris Muzza Murray
  2. Age? 24
  3. Current sponsors: Tushingham, Starboard, Franklin & Marshall, Adventure 001, Vibe energy gum
  4. Nomad / fixed abode? Nomad (and probably for the foreseeable future!)
  5. Years windsurfing? 12
  6. How did you first get into the sport? My dad showed me how to windsurf when I was 12.
  7. Favourite discipline? It has to be WAVE by far – I think the team relay showed I’m not really the course racing type!
  8. Competition discipline? wave
  9. Competition results? UK BWA no2 2010
  10. Favourite UK location? Gwithian down in Cornwall

Head to the Tushingham website here for the rest of the answer from Muzz. 

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