Club Vass Slalom Week With Whitey

Join Dave White this July to really push your speed to the next level!

Keen to get those extra few knots on to your top speed? Or maybe you’ve never tried speedsailing and want to give it a go? Speed World Champion Dave White will be holding another of his famous speed weeks at Club Vassiliki in Greece. Joined by some of Club Vass’ top coaches and utilising some high-tech training gear, you’re sure to go faster, gybe cleaner and have a great week.

Whitey lays down the law...

“Whitey’s Speed Week

Dave White (ex World Speed champion) will be our Blaster-in-Residence for an amazing week of performance enhancement! The week will include speed seminars with the Mighty Whitey and our own pro coaches, speed trials using speed guns and Shadow Box (GPS technology used in F1) and slalom race events. Even for non speed-freaks, the Dave’s top tips will really help your all-round sailing.

W/C 8th July 2012″

Dave White will be joined by top coaches Colin 'Whippy' Dixon and others

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