Cribby vs Extreme 40s – Rematch!

Cribby vs X40s

Guy Cribb will be racing against the X40s this weekend during the Extreme Sailing Series at Cowes, August 6-9. INtuition guests will be there with VIP passes to see the action close up- from on board the X40s! Quastion is, who’s going to win?

Some of Guy’s most regular guests are attending Cowes Week this year (the world’s largest sailing regatta) with VIP passes courtesy of INtuition to get in the thick of the Extreme 40 racing and duals between Guy and these super cats. Last years inaugural event was a major success with stormy winds allowing the windsurfers to just beat the X40s. If you’d like to join them, please email More info and video at Guy’s smart new site at

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