Cribby Talks at QMSC – Tomorrow!

Guy Cribb talks at QMSC, London, Wednesday Jan 19th (tomorrow!)

Guy Cribb – the man behind the legend (which is Antoine Albeau, apparently!)

If you live near London and want to see what Guy Cribb looks like without a suntan, he is hosting an evening function at Queen Mary Sailing Club. Dinner from 7pm, talk from 8pm ish.

Publicly speaking for the first time about the legendary Channel Crossing when Guy and world champion Antoine Albeau raised over £11,000 for charity blasting across the Channel from Cherbourg to Poole in a 30 knot storm. Lots of unpublished photos to share, the full story of just how tough the crossing was and no doubt some useful technique tips thrown in.

Tickets available on the door- £20 including dinner, donation to Ellen MacArthur Trust and Cribby’s presentation. (Discounts for QMSC members and anyone just there for the chat.)

Cribby across the Channel

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