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Dahab Slalom Week Update

Dahab Slalom Week is well under way out in Egypt, we see what UK representative Colin ‘Whippy’ Dixon has to say on the proceedings…

With Day One of racing done and dusted, Colin fills us in on how he did (in the races he showed up for!) and what he thinks of his new gear…

Day two saw lighter winds and Day Three saw Colin repeating his performance, bagging 1sts and 2nds throughout the day. Also representing the UK is Rat Rigs rider Scottt Harrison who uploaded the below photo showing him posting an impressive 5th after Day One.

Day One Results - Pic: Scott Harrison

The fourth day of racing is set to start today, Colin is currently Tweeting that the wind is looking a bit lighter but still enough for racing – follow him on Twitter HERE.

Colin Dixon in action



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