Davy Scheffers Freestyling Bonaire – Spring 2011

Check out H-311 Davy Scheffers freestyling in Bonaire 2011:
Well, to be honest I did want to put other music. This one was just a creation when I was bored. I did not really want to put this version on the internet. But before the event in Podersdorf I cleaned my laptop and deleted all the short video clips. That meaned I didn’t had the footage anymore to make a whole new vid. Anyway the action stays the same, but it could be more sick.
I hope you guys like it, it’s all 4.8 and 5.2 Echo le with the Twister 90.
A shout out to my sponsors: Tabou, Gaastra and Brunotti for sponsoring me.
And also to Coolshoe, Mormaii wetsuit (BO-4) for supporting me!
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