Deal of the Day: Pro Secrets, Real World Waves

Today’s deal of the day will have you progressing your ‘real world’ wavesailing, just what we all need as these crazy storms continue.

You can now buy  the slightly retro (2006) Pro Secrets Real World Wavesailing Instructional DVD for just £13.50 right here. 

More on the DVD…

Pro Secrets. Real World Waves. is an instructional windsurfing DVD with the world’s top wave sailors telling their secret’s how to excel in open water onshore conditions.

It is a very insightful peer to peer DVD with tips for beginners to experts.

Real World Waves focuses on onshore techniques and gear for your coastal spot. Wave riding, jumping, launching in surf, equipment and tuning with top designers, and more.

Check out more about the DVD in the Boardseeker review on page two…