Deal of the Day: Tushingham Rock Price Drop

The much loved Tushingham Rock is on offer from Robin Hood Watersports! The 2012 version of the sail WAS £365, but is now just £289 BRAND NEW. Check out more details and purchase here. 

Tushingham Rock

“Most wavesailors jump and ride in a variety of conditions and need a sail that can be tuned for whatever the weather throws up. Rather than offer two or three specialist wave ranges, Tushingham designed the Rock as one range of super tough, super adjustable sails to cover all conceivable wave environments.

“Substantially reworked for 2012; the Rock promises immediate power delivered with precision, adding explosiveness to manoeuvres with earlier planing and faster acceleration. At the same time, the Rock retains it’s impeccable control in gusty and choppy conditions instilling the confidence to boost anyone’s wave sailing to previously unimaginable heights.”








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