Every 2014 Transfer Rumour, Exposed!

This time of year is always a busy one in the windsurfing world, as rumours fly back and forth about which riders will be moving to which new teams. 

The first big batch of news has come from NeilPryde, and from a British standpoint we are very pleased for Robby Swift, who continues on with the team and is looking forward to 2014. As does team mate Andy Bubble Chambers. 

But where will the other British riders end up? 

Robby Swift, stays with JP/NP for 2014.

It seems unlikely that Williams would move away from Gaastra and Tabou, and Proffitt and Skye certainly seems set with Simmer and RRD. Timo Mullen has been with Starboard and Severne for a while and there’s no rumour of change for him just yet, but the likes of Horrocks, Hancock, Lewis, Rowe, Sims, Dinsmore and more, could we see some big changes for any of our top UK riders?

Boards will have our ear to the ground, ready to share any news that comes through for these guys and more, whilst our sister site Boardseeker is working hard to get to the bottom of every transfer rumour on the PWA tour. Click here for full info. 


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